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“We are what we eat”

Eating nutritious food is essential. However, nutritious food comes from fresh produce and responsible processing of the same. We at Croasis understand your requirements, and therefore, ZELOV Organic Produce & Foods are the best you can rely on. From the farms to the shelf, we maintain minimal contact and only use natural ways of processing to retain its freshness so that you eat well and stay healthy. With no added preservatives and our compositions vetted by experts, we boast a 100% natural and organic range of products from Jam to Squash, Natural Honey, Fruit Juices, and many more!! ZELOV Organic range of food products passes through a series of stringent quality checks on varied parameters to make sure what we offer you is at its best. It does not only end here because when you buy a product from us,you also support hundreds of farmers and rural communities that are part of our network and work tirelessly to make sure you can lead a green and clean life.


ZELOV HONEY comes from the Apis Cerena species of Bees & rich in antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients. So much buzz is heard, and tiny, docile honey bees can be seen flying all around in the forested areas in the foothills of the East Khasi Hills. ZELOV brings you truly organic Honey with no added colors and preservatives to make sure you get the best of everything. Naturally processed using traditional techniques and packed with love & care. Our Honey will keep you craving more. Honey is available in two variants: Spring Honey and Autumn Honey. So feel yourself amidst nature every time you taste this Honey and contribute towards the communities we support.


ZELOV SQUASH, the local fruit, is known for its unique taste and flavor. When we decided to make a squash out of it, we were blown by the taste, and hence we decided to share it with you. Take two spoonfuls of squash, mix with water, and beat the heat on a summer day! Made with entirely natural ingredients and with zero preservatives added, switch to more natural ways of keeping your cool as the blaze continues. Pick up your bottle of ZELOV squash today.



ZELOV BLACKBERRY JAM is a niche product in the Condiments ranges manufactured from berries known as Sohiong grown solely in the hilly terrains of majestic northeast India. The jam is 100% natural and preservative-free. We guarantee that the taste of this product will bring alive the child in you with its heavenly taste and texture!!




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