Diengsong Laitryngew PO- Lower Cherra East Khasi Hills,Meghalaya



CROASIS is an enterprise which aims to include every common man in the nation’s economy building process. We design processes and develop systems to set up small scale manufacturing and processing units in semi-urban and rural landscapes using local resources and manpower in the field of consumer goods and perishables, and extensive research in the related fields. We extend our services in consulting, training, design, setup of research laboratories and supply of its equipment.

With humble beginnings and with dreamy eyes, we are on a journey through which we identify rural and sub-rural regions rich in resources or talent. Once identified, our development team comes up with a project to utilize the local resources and manpower in order to create a viable product out of that. Once the product is created, we infuse technology and innovation in it to scale it up and commercialize the same and spread it across the world through our dedicated network of marketers and retailers – A community empowered!

We design processes and develop systems that are capable of producing outputs in a range of sectors starting from Organic Consumables and Perishables, Agriculture, Fungi culture

Practice Areas

Organic Food Products

Free from additives and processed in natural ways, ZELOV range of Organic Foods is the best choice for you whenever you want to eat healthy and lead a green life.


Our agro based products, specially designed to reduce carbon footprint is an affordable choice that boasts of authenticity & quality. Household utilities to commercial solutions, we have it all.

Spices & Condiments

We bring to you ZELOV range of spices & condiments made using the freshest of ingredients and hygienically packed that will enhance the taste of your favourite cuisines.


Mushrooms on your plate: from the hilly terrains of North East. Handpicked and quality checked to maintain the highest standards, they are the ones your taste buds will crave for.